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Include or Exclude Content

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2014 03:15PM PDT

There are a few ways you can control what is included in the printed paper and what is not. All of this is done by controlling the HTML of your page. You just need the certain part of the content within a div or any other tag that has a specific class. See the name of the classes below and what they really do.


Prevents element from being printed/pdf.
Example: <p class="print-no">Content I do not want to include in print/pdf.</p>


Prints only the element(s) and the children elements. 

<div class="print-only">
    <p> This content will be included because it's a child of Print-Only</p>
    <div> This content will be included because it's a child of Print-Only.</div>

<p>This content will not be included. It is not a child of Print-Only</p>

More: See how to use class="print-only" on WordPress
More ways to get content to show on PrintFriendly on WordPress


Uses this element as the Page Title. 
Example: <h2 class="pf-title">The Page Title</h2>

class="pf-author" or class="byline"

Use this element to show a byline at the end or beginning (anywhere) of the content.
Example: <p class="pf-author">Author byline.</p>
Example: <p class="byline">Author byline.</p>

span ​class="pf-date"

Use this element to show the date of publication/published date if it isn't appearing automatically.

class="copyright" or id="copyright"

Includes element and prevents element from being removed. The click-to-delete function will not work to remove this part.
Example: <p class="copyright">Copyright cannot be deleted.</p>


Turns off click-to-delete for an element. This does somewhat the same thing as the previous one.
Example: <p class="delete-no">User cannot delete this content.</p>

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